First Round Recap, Second Round Preview

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well, now that the New York Rangers were taken out in 5 games by the Washington Ovechkins in the 1st round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, it’s time to look back and see how all my 1st round playoff picks panned out!

I had 5 out of 8 correct with Vancouver, San Jose, in the West. With the wrong picks being Nashville (Although I consider that win for me) and Detroit (Sorry don’t care…Will never pick the Euro Wings). In the East, I had winners with Boston, Philadelphia, and Tampa Bay and lost with my beloved Rangers (Like Detroit, I will never take the Caps… ever)! So I wasn’t too bad with my picks, giving up a couple of easy ones with the teams mentioned above. I will take credit for the Nashville win though as I picked them on my radio show the “Instigators” as the dark horse of all teams in the playoffs and was extremely pissed when they had to play Anaheim because I felt the Ducks too could of caused some damage to the rest of the Western teams. Oh well! Any how, here we go with my picks for the next round of the playoffs.

San Jose Sharks/Detroit Red Wings… I think you know how I feel about the #%$@ Euro Wings. Going with Joe Thornton and the Sharks. They took care of a pesky LA team, still not on anybody’s radar. I like them in 6.

Vancouver Canucks/Nashville Predators. The Preds took down an excellent team in Anaheim with their tough in-your-face style of Hockey. Their team defense is as good as it gets. As for Vancouver, they could have had an easier time over Chicago but that choke label is still there for this team. Luongo and the Sedin twins will have the weight of the hockey world on them as well as the City of Vancouver. My pick the Predators in 7… their time has come.

Wasington Capitals/Tampa Bay Lightning. Tampa shocked the Penguins after being down 3-1 to win it in 7 games. Plenty of star power in this series. The Caps disposed of the Rangers in 5 games, including 2 OT wins. I’m going with the Lightning in 7. I like their stars better and again I emphasize, much like the Red Wings, I will never pick the Capitals. Sorry, if you don’t like it… too bad!

Philadelphia Flyers/Boston Bruins. Old time Hockey? Bloodbath? Maybe. Will it be like the 70s match ups between these two teams? Probably not, but I can dream, can’t I? Both teams had their troubles in the 1st round and had to go 7 games to win and move on. This should be a physical series and in the end I like Tim Thomas over anyone that the Flyers have in net. The Bruins take this one in 7.

There you go. Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think! Over and out.


B.J. McSitteer said...

Long time no talk, I've been realy busy lately and slacking on my hockey duties. Didn't know you were such a Wing hater....glad to hear it. The only team I hate more is Pittsburgh. You've got some pretty bold choices. San Jose looked grea tonight but it was scary to think that at their best and Detroit's maybe worst that they were lucky to score a goal. Nonetheless, the Sharks seem to have that "luck" on their side and are reminding me of the '93 Canadiens (wow almost 20 years ago). I think I may finally be able to pick Vancouver though. Never been big on them but the ghost of the "Chicago Ballard" may be haunting elsewhere now that they staved off embarassment. I'm all over the Tampa Bay band wagon, but as much as I've felt all year Boston was going to represent the East, something tells me the battle of the BBs will end in orange not yellow. Thomas is the X factor though. It should be the best series in round two. Hard to top the opening round though, pure magic.

I think I heard today that Tod Gill was taking over coaching in Kingston. That's alot of players from that crappy Leaf era (Gods, all of them)strapping on a whistle. How come no Koach Kotsy? You never know, maybe that little Saturday night intermission segment could then become Kotsy's Koach's Korner. All you need are some seat covers or a Herb Tarleck suit. LOL

Kotsy's Korner said...

B.J.McSitteer, Yes it has been a long time. Even though I had a short stint with the Wings at the end of my career that has no bearing on my hatred for them today. They and they alone are the biggest benefactors of all the rule changes over the past 10 years. If you need me to explain then you'll never understand.

I like my picks and I'm sticking with them and as for me coaching? I'd have to have full power on decision making and not having someone looking over my shoulder. Hell will freeze over before that happens.

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